* Excerpt from the terms and
conditions of the trip

Travel Conditions

* Excerpt from the terms and conditions of the trip

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Travel conditions
This document is part of the contract document to be delivered in accordance with Article 12-5 of the Travel Agency Law when a travel contract is concluded.

Special Travel Compensation Insurance
We will pay compensation or visitation for certain injuries to the life or body of the passenger caused by an accidental and sudden external injury while the passenger is participating in the tour, as provided for in the special compensation provisions of the recruitment-type tour contract, regardless of whether or not we are responsible for such injuries.

Formation of Contract
The time of formation of the contract shall be the time when the Company consents to the conclusion of the contract, the prescribed matters are filled in on the application form prescribed by the Company, and the form is submitted to the Company together with the application fee of the amount separately specified by the Company.

In the event of force majeure, such as natural conditions, disasters, or bus accidents, the destination may be changed, cancelled, or postponed. In addition, the Company will not respond to any claims for unexpected bad weather, road congestion, or other unavoidable circumstances that may delay the return time, require the use of a cab, or require accommodation expenses.